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RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age
If you wish to support development of Traces of Illumination, feel free to donate to the project. So far (2011-01-23), I've invested about 173 person days, which means around 1400 hours of my time. Using my hourly rate as freelance software-engineer, this would amount to an investment of around EUR 80,000.00. Besides, I have actual monthly costs for Web / database and game servers (that makes around EUR 200.00 per month).

One challenge developing an independent game is funding and finding the right balance between for-pay work and getting the game ready. Any donation certainly helps a lot to tip that balance more towards the getting the game ready-side ;-)

What's in it for you? Like the first 10 users that registered on this site, the first 10 donations will receive a blog posting giving thanks (unless you'd rather not have this mentioned). Donations of EUR 100.00 or more will give you life-time player access to Traces of Illumination (you won't ever have to pay monthly subscription fees; "life-time" means "life-time" of Traces of Illumination or your life-time ;-) ). Donations of EUR 200.00 will get you into the game's credits as generous donor.

You can either use my Bitcoin address for RaMtiGA Donations:

Or wire-transfer to the account I'm using for my game projects:

Account owner's name: Holger Wagner

IBAN: DE53430609677007653702

From Germany:
Account Number: 7007653702
Bank Code: 43060967

Bank: GLS Bank (German Site, but this is a really cool bank ;-) )

Please make sure to use a valid e-mail address in the text so I can contact you (if you so wish). As there is no @ in wire transfers, you need to use the format NAME AT DOMAIN.TLD (all upper case and "@" replaced with " AT ").

Or use PayPal:

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