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RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age
Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age

RaMtiGA is a large scale virtual world of which development is currently starting. Since this a completely independent project without any external funding, the development is scheduled in three major phases, the first being a complete game in its own right:

  1. Traces of Illumination in Game ActionTraces of Illumination: A little multiplayer game based on an old game concept but spiced up with innovative power-ups and a multilevel-design which already incorporates some of the concepts for RaMtiGA in a simple manner. Traces of Illumination is currently under development. Participation in the beta-test is free and only requires to register with the link Join!
  2. Prototype / Vertical Slice of RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age: RaMtiGA being an MMO-type of game, there's clearly the need of creating a playable and polished prototype that incorporates most of the ideas and concepts of the actual game. However, the prototype will be very limited in scope in terms of size of the game world. Development of the RaMtiGA-Prototype starts as soon as Traces of Illumination is online. While Traces of Illumination is a solo-project right from the start, I'll create a little team for development of the RaMtiGA-Prototype.
  3. RaMtiGA - Raising a Middleworld to its Golden Age. An extremely innovative virtual world that takes its visitors all the way down the rabbit whole - if they wish so. Traces of Illumination implements and tests some of the more abstract concepts for RaMtiGA. The RaMtiGA-Prototype will then go into many of the details. The actual development of RaMtiGA, however, will only begin after Traces of Illumination is online, and the prototype has proven to be a lot of fun.
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